The Theological Notion of the Human Person – Sept 10, 2013

We congratulate Greg Brett on the publication of his first book, entitled “The Theological Notion of the Human Person,” available on Amazon.

Gregs-Book-Cover-smallGreg Brett small

In a careful study of the writings of Karl Rahner and John Macmurray, this book presents a renewed understanding of the theological notion of the human person. This understanding of person is developed by examining the relational depths of Karl Rahner’s theological anthropology in conversation with John Macmurray’s understanding of agency found in his work on “persons-in-relationship.” What makes the dialogue enriching and striking is that both thinkers arrive at a corresponding  notion of person from very different starting points: Rahner commences his reflections as a theologian focusing on the mystery of God at the heart  of his study of person. Macmurray on the other hand begins with the human person and ultimately arrives at a philosophical notion of God as personal agent.