Another Milestone Reached

On August 14th, we celebrated the 90th birthday of Fr Stan Barry CM. Stan has been involved in many people’s lives – in seminary formation, in education, in parish ministry and in hospital ministry. We thank the Lord for the gift of Stan to all of us and wish him a very happy birthday, with hope of many more to come.

Stan Barry 2014

General Assembly 2016 NEWS

New Leadership Team for the Congregation of the Mission

I can announce to you the New Assistants of the Vincentian Curia, The first to be elected is Fr. Aaron Gutierretz from Mexico. He was born in 1951. He is the Visitor of Mexico. Well known to many of the Spanish speaking confreres and very sought after in the South Americas – a man who clearly has a passion for mission in the Spirit of  Vincent de Paul. The second to be elected is Fr. Yosief Zeracristos from Hebo, Eritrea. Born in 1961. He has been an assistant general up to this Assembly. He works hard and is a polished presenter. Fr. Mathew Kallammakal is well known to us in Oceania. Born in 1959 in Kollamula, India. He fulfilled the term of Assistant general left vacant when his predecessor was made a Bishop. He now takes the role in his own right. The final candidate and very good choice is Fr. Miles Heinen. Born in 1950 in Dallas, Texas. A gentle, approachable guy with that Texan drawl laughter. He is presently the Executive Director of VSO. Along with the Vicar General Fr. Javier, these confreres make up the Curia.

The New Curia for the Congregation of the Mission
The New Curia for the Congregation of the Mission