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Celebrating St Vincent de Paul…a letter from Tomas Mavric CM

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General News Update

1.  Jim Maloney: Jim has been in RNS hospital and has now been transferred to the Hirondelle Private Hospital in Chatswood. Jim has found this a very agreeable place, good for rehabilitation. Jim celebrated his 90th Birthday during his time in RNS. Let us keep him in our prayers.

2.  Kevin Canty: Kevin has been unwell in recent days and has been to Canterbury hospital for tests by the Cardiac team, for which he received good results. He has returned to Ashfield. 

3.  Retreat: There are nine confreres on Retreat at Kincumber. Keeping them in prayer during this time.

4.  Simon Pindi: You will recall that Simon is our Vincentian student from PNG. Simon took time off from the community near the end of last year to work through some issues and now has returned to the Formation house in Wailoku to finalise his studies. We welcome Simon back among us.

5.  Joe Agostino CM and Famvin: Joe was with us at Marsfield during the early days of this month talking about FAMVIN and how it might be established in this part of the world. We explored a number of options for Australia. He has since been in PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji. The reposts are positive re Solomon Islands and Fiji. I look forward to hearing a little more in the coming weeks.

Pope Francis Letter

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Visit of Joe Agostino CM and Pam Mantuhac to the Asia-Pacific Region

These two directors of the Vincentian Family came to speak to its members in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Fiji. For most of us it was the first chance to understand the fulness of the message of FAMVIN, both in its theology and in its praxis. In all the places visited in Oceania both Joe and Pam were a delight to host. Thanks for the energy given and the formation. Here are some pictures from the Solomon Islands and Fiji.

SI #01
SI #03
SI CM Community
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SI #02
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Fiji #01



The Calling of a Vincentian