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Giving thanks to the Lord
for the service of
Jeffrey Werner CM, Lorensio Kinika CM and Benjamin Paka CM

February 4 saw the ordination of these three men as Priests – servants, who bring the Good News to the poor. There were “staka people” who came to celebrate at Good Shepherd Parish, Red Beach, Solomon Islands. Everything about the celebration was brilliant – the Archbishop’s homily focused on Vincentian service to the poor and outcast and all the music similarly spoke of their service to the People of God as priest. May the Lord continue to bless them with energy and strength.

Adrian and Kev C
Laying on of Hands 02
New Priests 01
Laying on of Hands 01
New Priests 02
Leaders 01
New Priests 03
Ordination Church before 01
Laying on of Hands 03
Adrian and Kev C

St Stanislaus College, Bathurst celebrates 150 years


Celebrating 400 years…Feast of Conversion of St Paul…the events of Gannes/Folleville 1617

From Fr. Greg Brett CM – Provincial Oceania Province

Confreres, Happy Feast Day and 400th Anniversary! During this year the Congregation and the Vincentian family are celebrating 400 years of Vincentian mission and life. The beginning of “Vincent’s Way” is located in actions of Vincent at both Folleville and Chatillon. The date of the foundation of the community is the 25th January, 1617. We know the story well.

“I WAS A STRANGER AND YOU WELCOMED ME” is the theme running through this year. This is drawn from Matthew 25: 35. One interpretation of this Gospel appeal suggests that by reaching out and helping strangers in our midst we are showing solidarity with the events of Folleville and Chatillon and in so doing we engage, again, our Vincentian charism.

The Gospel quote sits in Matthews Judgment scene and key word is the Aramaic kenas, which means (1) to gather and (2) to show hospitality. The people who are being gathered together and shown hospitality are the people in distress of some kind, “these least brothers and sisters of mine.”

How does this fit with our constant call to evangelize? I would invite your reflection and response with your communities. We are not  European or American Vincentians. What is our (Oceania) intuitive response to this call? Are there new areas of need in the local Church and Church of the Pacific or new poverties to address?

Reception into the Community for Richard Waro
at Red Beach, Solomon Islands

At Red Beach Formation House, we celebrated the 400 years of the Vincentian Charism with a prayers service, during which we received Richard Waro into the Congregation of the Mission. It was a celebration that included family and friends of the Vincentian students and deacons. We thank the Lord for the generosity of Richard and we ask the Spirit of God to continue to be with him on his journey.

BBQ with Gideon Harps and Lorensio Kinika cooking
Giving the Constitutions and Statues
Signing Reception Document

Learning more from St Vincent de Paul

A 2017 Welcome note from Coventry Cathedral

This says a lot about who the Congregation of the Mission is as well as what we are called to do and be.

Download (PDF, 47KB)

Now…learning from St Vincent de Paul