Memorial Mass for Ernie Espina cm

Memorial Mass for Ernie Espina at St Vincent’s Ashfield on Saturday 25th June 2016


Ernie’s Memorial Mass was celebrated at St Vincent’s Parish Ashfield on Saturday 25th June 2016 at the 9am mass. It was well attended¬†by the confreres and also a number of Ernie’s long time friends from Sydney. A booklet was prepared for the mass and the music was provided by the parish choir. The mass was a wonderful tribute to Ernie who clearly had touched the lives of a number of people from different cultures and walks of life. He was remembered for his good sense of humour, infectious laughter, deep spirituality, ability to work hard in the ministries he was assigned to and his capacity for friendship. The mass was followed by morning tea in the hall which was provided by parishioners who had enjoyed a close friendship with Ernie over the years. What was particularly striking was that most people stayed for one and a half to two hours socialising with one another and sharing stories about Ernie’s life. No one was in a hurry to leave. It was clear that by the mixture of deep sorrow and gratitude expressed on this day that Ernie had brought joy into the lives of many people. He will be missed and always remembered.

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Alan Gibson cm