Sabbatical Reflection: June 4, 2015

Sabbatical Program going well.

I have completed half of the course at Hawkstone Hall and has just finished a tour of the Holy Land.

One highlight of this tour was finding a golf course in Israel – Caesarea Golf Club. Unfortunately time did not permit playing a game.







Highlights of the Holy Land Tour include Tabgha (where Jesus called the first disciples, the feeding of the 4000, et al) and the boat trip on the Sea of Galilee. Then Old City of Jerusalem was similarly a highlight, walking in the footsteps of Christ.


A reflection, in the form of a song written, was on my experience at Tabgha. There I felt a great sense of awe in the little Church: this was the place where Jesus called the first disciples. I couldn’t help but reflect upon their response, which we never hear in the Gospel. We only get told that they left everything and followed him. But what would have been their reactions. For that matter, as I sat in the Church, I asked what would be my reaction to such an encounter. Here are the lyrics of a song, which is, in part, my reflection:-

Come! Follow me, share my life as I walk to the Cross,
Come! Follow me, speak my word, tell the Good News to all.

Verse 1
Is it me you’re talking to, O Lord?
I am not worthy….
to follow you way,
to bring your Good News,
to raise up the poor and the ones in need…

Verse 2
Is it me you’re calling, O Lord?
I am not worthy…
to heal the sick,
to set prisoners free,
to tell the whole world that our God is near…

Verse 3
Is it me you’ve chosen, O Lord?
I am not worthy…
to be the Good News
of your life each day,
to live in the joy of your truth and peace…