Cyclone Ana – January 2021

Praise be to God…Tropical Cyclone Ana was only a category 2 storm and our people were better prepaid (having learnt from earliest tropical cyclones (TC) – TC Harold and TC Winston.

Kadavu was battered two times as TC Ana had two rounds on them!

There was no structural damage.  Lario and our people are true survivors and were better prepard than our Vanua Levu families

Otherwise we have a nation wide flooding problem. As can be seen in the picture, Nausori church  was flooded downstairs and in the cark park area

Natovi has some part of their hall suffer roofing damage

Whilst Wailoku and Pasvali are both ok!  We had just three trees on our driveway which was cleared in no time.

Wailoku, Natovi and Kadavu have no electricity supply.  We are going on a small generator and planning to buy a big proper one for our Wailoku community.